Monday, May 02, 2005

5 Simple Shyness Tips

If you are one of the many individuals affected by shyness,
you will find the following shyness tips useful for your
daily social life.

These tips are meant to help you overcome those situations
when you feel your hands and feet tied by the lack of
security to act or say something. Use these shyness tips as
the basis for improving your social skills.

Social and emotional shyness affects many more people than
you imagine and most of them surely need a few of our
shyness tips to help them get by in this over-competitive

Because we know the importance of being able to overcome
shyness in several aspects of our life, we compiled a list
of shyness tips based on advice by specialists and common
people alike.

Read on. You will find the following tips useful:

1. Tell people about your shyness. Many people who "suffer"
from shyness tend to avoid eye contact and more than often
seem arrogant by doing so.

By telling people you are shy, you are giving them the true
reason why you seem so evasive and distant and that will
improve your social interaction with certain people.

2. Take adult community education classes. Why? Because the
odds are that in those classes you will find that more than
a half of the students suffer form the same distress as you.

In addition, the adult community classes will get you going
on social interaction with your peers and will be a great
pretext to get you out of your house and start practicing

The fact that your class mates are also shy people will
help you understand that you are not alone on this one.

3. Reward yourself. Every time you succeed on overcoming
your shyness, treat yourself with something you love. Go
out and eat a huge ice-cream, if that is your taste.

Remember to, literally, reward yourself every time you move
a step closer to overcome shyness. This will motivate you
to keep working your social and emotional skills.

4. Visualize being at ease in a social event. Visualization
can be a powerful tool when used with persistence. When you
are at your home, where you feel secure and confident, try
to visualize social situations where you would usually feel

Than imagine yourself enjoying that situation and being at
ease in that context. Practice this visualization often and
keep your focus on visualizing yourself more confident and
enjoying social interaction.

5. Elaborate a mental list of interesting conversation
topics. Before you leave home, make sure you have a
well-defined list of topics that you know other people will
find interesting. That way you will find yourself more
confident and at ease in a conversation.

Remember to keep your efforts steady if you really want to
overcome shyness. The above shyness tips won’t help you if
you don’t make a real effort to help yourself.

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Steve Brummet said...

Shyness is a huge problem for many people. A lot of the people I talk to indicate that not being able to predict another persons reactions to different styles of communication hindered their confidence. Some approaches to personality style have helped provide tools for understanding other people better. I hope this is helpful.