Thursday, June 30, 2005

Great People Skills. What Makes the Difference?

On a warm spring afternoon, fifteen years ago, two young
men graduated from the same college. They were similar in
many ways...

Like all diligent, hard working students they had also
enjoyed time off to play sport and to have fun with their
friends. And they were both very excited about the bright
future that lay ahead.

Fifteen years later they met.

They were still alike in many ways. Both had a good family
life, a comfortable home and they both had a little gray
hair! But there was a difference.

One of the men is now a victim of his own success - he is
running as fast as he can and still he cannot keep up with
the mountain of work that lands on his desk each day.

All day long his staff and his superiors make demands of
him he cannot say no to and at home he is at the mercy of
the whims of his family. He feels taken for granted and

On the other hand. The second man is in charge of his own
business and works as many or as few hours as he pleases
each day. People look up to him, respect him and enjoy
spending time with him. At home, his opinions are valued
and his needs respected.

What made the difference?

Have you ever wondered how two seemingly successful people
can be so different in how they get to the top and in how
they stay at the top?

One person struggles day after day and claws his way to the
top of success mountain - while another strolls along in
his own good time enjoying the view as he goes.

The difference lies in how you relate to people. There is
an easy way and a hard way. The hard way means people take
you for granted, they do not really listen to you and all
too often they treat you as no more than a resource they
can use to get what they want.

On the other hand, the easy way means you feel respected
and deeply appreciated. When you talk people listen and
when you approach people they respond positively to your

Which do you prefer - the easy way or the hard way?

Knowledge is Power. Right now I enjoy harmonious
relationships with the people in my life because I decided
to leave the hard way in the past and to build a bright new
future based on the easy way.

Once I found an approach that worked all I did was follow
the step-by-step instructions and my world changed as
quickly as I changed. And this can happen for you even
faster than you think...

When you become a master of conversation you will wonder
why you waited so long to get your hands on the knowledge
that was waiting for you all along.

-- Three Essential Elements --

The easy way to superior people skills is made up of three
key elements and verbal communication skills make up only
one of those essential elements. And no I am not talking
about body language. I take it you already know how to
mirror and match posture.

With the system that has worked so well for me and for
scores of people around the world - you will discover these
three elements and how to quickly and easily master people
skills for the rest of your life.

If you have struggled before it is because you only paid
attention to communication skills. That is fine if you are
aiming for average. Now is the time to become exceptional.

Why not develop exceptional people skills? If you can
follow simple step-by-step instructions you can move ahead
very quickly.

Think about it for a moment...

Why do you want to get along better with other people? What
are the most important reasons why you want to improve this
aspect of your life? What have you missed out on by
neglecting this crucial skill?

The time to change is now - until you do another day,
another week and another month will slip by and you will be
no further forward in your life. If you are waiting for the
perfect time you will wait forever.

It is time to try a new and better way...

--- Test Drive the System ---

I can guarantee that if you are of at least average
intelligence you can quickly transform your ability to deal
with other people. Knowing what to say, starting and
keeping the conversation going and making a great
impression will never again be a mystery to you.

You can finally put worrying about what people think of you
in the past.

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Have Fun,

Peter Murphy


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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

3 Great Tips For Dealing With Negative People

by Peter Murphy

It can take skill to deal effectively with negative people.
Make sure you are ready for the challenge by reading and
using these tips.

1 Don´t Believe Everything You Hear!

With close friends and family it is not unusual to think
that you ought to take onboard everything you hear. However
do not confuse caring with knowing. Just because someone is
concerned for your welfare does not mean that their advice
or input has value.

For example, I know a lot about peak performance. I do not
know much about car maintenance. If I ever offer you advice
on rebuilding a car engine run as fast as you can!

My input would have little or no value. Likewise with
friends and family. They may be negative about you, your
plans and your opinions simply because they lack the
knowledge to think positively about the situation.

Their ignorance causes them to fear for your welfare.
Distinguish between caring and the knowledge to offer
worthwhile input.

2 Let Go Of Needing Their Approval

I have mentioned this principle many times before because
it is so important. As long as you must have the
permission, approval and acceptance of your peers you are a
victim of their limiting beliefs.

You must let go of wanting approval if you are to ever have
peace of mind. Refer to my book for more help with this.
See Lesson 15 - Letting go of wanting your own approval.

3 Eliminate Your Own Negative Thoughts

Often friends reflect back the negatives you quietly hold
inside your own mind. If you were 100 per cent positive
about your life and your plans it would not matter if
people close to you were negative.

In fact their negative comments might even make you laugh
because their opinions would seem so absurd to you. You can
become more positive by reading books that expand your
knowledge and understanding, spending more time with
positive, dynamic people and by stretching yourself daily.

By stretching I mean challenging yourself to perform better
than your previous best. When you make stretching to be
more part of your life, your belief in what is possible
grows and grows at a furious pace.

Before long you will not have room for negative thoughts.
Choose to find a positive in all things and it quickly
becomes a habit that will transform your experience of life.

I am always asking myself:

-- what is good about this?
-- what is great about this?
-- what have I learned from this that makes me stronger?

Ask yourself the right questions and redirect your mind
back onto the positive.

What else can you do to take charge of even the most
difficult conversations?

Review the Conversation Fear report that comes with my book

If you ever know what to say and still cannot speak up it
is because fear has gotten the better of you. This fear
will not go away until you know how to eliminate it. I show
you three ways in that report.


Make sure you are up to date on the 15 ways to start and
keep a conversation going. I showed you how to do this in
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Have a great week,

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently
revealed the secret strategies all high achievers use to
communicate with charm and impact. The same techniques you
can use to overcome shyness, develop great conversation
skills and build self-confidence.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

How To Get The Respect And Appreciation You Deserve

by Peter Murphy

If you have ever tired to win the respect and approval of
others you know how difficult it can be. Especially when
people are not responsive causing you to feel anxious and
even more nervous.

What typically happens next is that you perform poorly
because you feel tense. You fail to express yourself as
well as you can so others do not see you in the best light.
This of course is not a good recipe for winning respect and

What can you do to create a favorable impression in the
eyes of those you want to impress?

1. Relax when meeting people

This is easier said than done unless you know how to
quickly relax even in difficult situations. The ability to
relax when under pressure is an essential skill that allows
you to be at your best whenever you need to be.

When you feel relaxed you will quickly and easily keep the
conversation flowing, you won´t worry about making mistakes
and you´ll find it easier to think of interesting things to
say. Imagine how good that will feel!

Feeling relaxed enables you to enjoy the moment, to pay
closer attention to whoever you are talking to and to drop
those nagging feelings of self-consciousness.

Instant relaxation is the secret to effortlessly making
conversation on a broad range of topics without worrying
about saying the wrong thing. (more about how to relax in
a moment later in this article)

2. Don´t beg for respect

A common mistake is to be overly nice in the hope of
earning respect. This approach never works. The harder you
try to impress the more desperate you will seem.

The best way to earn respect is to start by respecting
yourself. Positive self-talk, affirmations and
visualization all go a long way towards building a sense of
pervasive self-esteem that others pick up on.

The more you respect yourself, the better other people will
treat you. Why? Because your posture, the way you talk and
you entire presence will change for the better when you
feel better about yourself.

Others merely reflect back how you treat yourself. When you
change your behavior other people respond by changing how
they interact with you.

When you have more self-respect for some strange reason
whoever you talk to will pick up on it and start showing
you more respect.

3. Respect and appreciate the other person

The more you choose to like and appreciate the person you
are talking to the more that person will warm to you. When
you exude interest, when you really listen to the other
person and especially when you compliment that person you
encourage a favorable response in them.

People feel obligated to return good treatment with more of
the same. You will notice more compliments, genuine
interest in you and even delight when you give of these
qualities first. So remember to give what you want to get!

Doing so can feel awkward and uncomfortable at first if you
are used to letting others do most of the talking. You need
to get used to speaking up and even leading the
conversation if you are to create an environment of mutual
respect and appreciation.

This is a very important distinction - if you do not make
this change in how you deal with people you will never be
more than a relatively passive observer of the
conversations unfolding before you.

How can you make this change quickly and easily? click here
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The People Who Can Get You What You Need

by Peter Murphy

Or.. how to use people skills to achieve greater success.
In this article we explore the importance of good people
skills in ensuring powerful people are happy to help you.

There are people in this world who can help you to get
everything you have ever wanted. And thankfully, these
people will gladly help you and they will enjoy each moment
of your success as much as you will.

These special, powerful people are the mentors you need to
move ahead in your life. With their help the seemingly
impossible becomes achiveable, the unlikely can and does
happen and what once seemed difficult becomes very easy.

There is no need to do it alone.

We are all part of a greater whole and the sooner we accept
this the sooner we can ask for help from people with the
skills, experience and willingness to give us the priceless
advice we need.

Potential mentors are everywhere so how do you choose one
who will enjoy helping you?

The best course of action is to mingle with people who have
already done what you want to achieve. As you mix with
these people you will naturally warm to some more than
others - make friends with these people.

Over time as you get to know them better you can start
asking for their help, opinions and input. You will avoid
years of trial and error by tapping into their wisdom and

Just be sure to only take and act on advice from people
who have done what they are advising you on. There are far
too many people with freely available advice on matters
they know little about.

Now, this sounds simple doesn´t it? It is, still most
people get stuck at this stage because they feel
intimidated asking powerful, more experienced people for
advice and help.

This is a common problem that can stop you from speaking up
and unless you learn how to handle it you will miss out on
having mentors help you to move ahead quickly in your
career and in your life.

What is the solution to this problem? I recommend that you
study my free report on developing superior people skills.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Real Reason Why People Skills Are So Very Important

by Peter Murphy

Many people recognize the importance of superior people
skills as a means to get ahead, to be successful and to be
effective in the world.

However there is a far more important reason to develop
great people skills. True happiness depends on your ability
to form healthy mutually supportive relationships with
people you care about. This applies at home, socially and
at work.

Consider those who have happy, full lives. What do they
have in common? Money? Good looks? Career success?
Although desirable, none of those attributes are
essential for a happy life.

Happy people get on very well with other people...

Truly happy people share the ability to deal with people
from all walks of life and have a knack for making others
like them. They are likeable people and others enjoy their
company and want to hear what they have to say.

The more you develop this ability to relate well to the
people in your day-to-day life the happier you will be. Why
is this true?

Because surrounding yourself with people who like and care
about you is the best way to boost your self-esteem. It is
also the only sure fire way to both enjoy the journey and
deal with the ups and downs of life.

Consider this question: what do the happiest moments in
your life have in common?

For most of us these special moments involved other people
- people we enjoy being with just for the fun of spending
time with them. If these same memories had happened
without them you might not even recall the moment.

It is this special human connection with great people that
is the source of the fun, the laughter and the happiness.
And of course, the more often we have these connections the
happier we feel.

Want even more happiness?

Well, you know what to do... create more special moments by
developing such good people skills that happy moments
become part of how you live rather than occasional and
random happenings.


Review both the Conversation Fear report AND the How to
Start a Great Conversation with Anyone report which come as
special bonuses with my system.

When you use those powerful strategies you will be well
prepared to join the ranks of the appreciated and highly

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All the very best,

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently
revealed the secret strategies all high achievers use to
communicate with charm and impact. The same techniques you
can use to overcome shyness, develop great conversation
skills and build self-confidence.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

How To Drop Futile Communication Patterns

by Peter Murphy

Have you ever noticed that you make the very same mistakes
again and again when dealing with people?

I like to refer to this as... the futility of repeating
what does not work! And we all fall into this trap to some
degree. We become so used to not being able to do something
that we think it cannot be done.

Let´s say you find it difficult to start conversations with
complete strangers. You tried before and you didn´t do very
well. And because you failed a few times you start to dread
such encounters, avoid them and even find ways to ensure
you rarely have to deal with these types of situations.

What are the consequences of this approach?

It´s obvious really -- you will get worse and worse at
meeting new people because you rarely allow it to happen
and because you never get the opportunity to work at it and

This is a sure fire recipe for stagnation with no hope for
improvement and personal growth. It´s time to shake things
up a little and find new and even fun ways to stop
repeating the same old mistakes.

Here is one tip for learning new ways of dealing with
people -- find someone who seems to have a natural flair
for creating rapport with people and follow that person
around to observe him or her in action.

Listen to what I did...

I was hanging out with my buddy Craig - in the shopping
mall one hot summer Saturday afternoon. It was scorching
hot outside so we were enjoying the cool of the mall while
we wandered aimlessly from store to store.

Then it hit me!

Craig´s experience of shopping was completely different to
mine. Every opportunity he got he was joking with the
staff, having fun with anyone he met and laughing and
smiling his way around the mall.

This was alien to me at the time. I usually crept about the
stores, keeping to myself and carefully avoiding eye
contact with other shoppers and store assistants. I used to
keep human interaction to a bare minimum.

Craig was living proof that communication skills can be
mastered. And I had not even realized until that point that
it was even possible to get so good.

No wonder I had been having trouble dealing with people. I
was actively avoiding people because I did not know what to
say or even how to say it.

From that point on my sense of possibility expanded and all
I needed to figure out was how to easily and effortlessly
change my behavior.

Thankfully, you can change your life and now is the best
time to start. Communicating with confidence can be

Find a proven formula and follow it. You will be amazed at
how quickly you will progress. Although some people fear
otherwise, people skills can be learned by anyone of at
least average intelligence.

The difficulties you had in the past will not stop you
making rapid progress now. What matters is learning a
proven approach you can use for the rest of your life.

I did it.

It only took me 14 years. Are there any short cuts to
learning exceptional people skills? There certainly are.

Get out your copy of my proven system and start applying
the lessons, one at a time. Take a little each day and you
will be stunned by your progress.

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Your Friend,

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently
revealed the secret strategies all high achievers use to
communicate with charm and impact.

The same techniques you can use to overcome shyness,
develop great conversation skills and build self-confidence.

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