Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amazon Conversation Skills Book

I often get asked for step by step blueprints to use for different types of conversation. You would then simply look at the relevant blueprint to prepare for an anticipated interaction. This is a great way to take the guess work out of it and a simple way to take control in a wide range of situations.

With the right instructions you`d know how to take charge and lead the conversation. You`d stop worrying about what to say, people would enjoy meeting you and you`d be much more relaxed taking to strangers. You`d become one of those people others admire for your confidence and ability to make great conversation.

To serve this need I recently published a book of 52 conversation blueprints that show you how to take control in just about every likely situation you will find yourself in. If you`d like to know more, you can find the book at Click this link for more details:

Amazon Conversation Skills Book

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