Thursday, February 03, 2005

How to Communicate At Your Best

by Peter Murphy

Knowing how to communicate well is a big issue. According
to a recent National Survey, Americans fear public speaking
and communication more than they fear dying.

Why is this?

Because knowing how to communicate well requires very
personal attention between you and another human being and
let's face it, anything personal opens a door to insecurity
and feeling of inadequacy. So how can you overcome these
insecure feelings about communication?

Is there a better way to learn how to communicate

It takes some individual commitment but for starters,
follow these 3 basics steps.

1. Relax and Breath.

Whether it's a business meeting, a conference room or a
first date the first thing you must do in order to
communicate is relax.

When you relax you are in control. You control your
reactions and your reactions do not control you. Breathing
is central to relaxation. Take a few deep breaths and your
body will begin to be more at ease.

2. Think and you will be prepared.

Have you ever heard the old saying, "think before you
speak"? Well, it rings true. An effective sentence,
paragraph and speech must first be formed in your mind.

Try to think a few sentences ahead, predicting your follow
up sentences and the ones following them. If you forget to
think you will wind up dumbfounded and back at step one,
but don't worry, relax and keep going.

By thinking ahead about how the conversation might flow you
will be better prepared, more at ease and more confident.

3. Follow the flow of the conversation.

If you are giving a speech, watch the audience and know how
to read their reactions. For example, if they are bored,
key up your speech.

If they are tired, then maybe it would be best to wrap it
up. If your communication is more personal like a date, do
the same but remember communication is a give and take

If you are uncomfortable, being silent will only make it
worse and make the other person uncomfortable as well. So
when all else fails follow through with small talk until a
common topic appears.

A good way to keep a conversation going is to ask the other
person questions. People love to talk about themselves and
if you do this they will leave the conversation thinking
very highly of you.

Learning good communication skills is not something out of
reach. You can learn how to communicate with confidence
whether it is through written communication, verbal
communication or non verbal communication if you make an

So good luck and good communication.

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siyabulela said...

I realy luv this article maybe it will change my life.

pradeep singh thakur said...

Hi peter,

Thank so much for your suggestion and i really appreciated it.

I will follow your food step and i hope i will improve my communication