Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The People Who Can Get You What You Need

by Peter Murphy

Or.. how to use people skills to achieve greater success.
In this article we explore the importance of good people
skills in ensuring powerful people are happy to help you.

There are people in this world who can help you to get
everything you have ever wanted. And thankfully, these
people will gladly help you and they will enjoy each moment
of your success as much as you will.

These special, powerful people are the mentors you need to
move ahead in your life. With their help the seemingly
impossible becomes achiveable, the unlikely can and does
happen and what once seemed difficult becomes very easy.

There is no need to do it alone.

We are all part of a greater whole and the sooner we accept
this the sooner we can ask for help from people with the
skills, experience and willingness to give us the priceless
advice we need.

Potential mentors are everywhere so how do you choose one
who will enjoy helping you?

The best course of action is to mingle with people who have
already done what you want to achieve. As you mix with
these people you will naturally warm to some more than
others - make friends with these people.

Over time as you get to know them better you can start
asking for their help, opinions and input. You will avoid
years of trial and error by tapping into their wisdom and

Just be sure to only take and act on advice from people
who have done what they are advising you on. There are far
too many people with freely available advice on matters
they know little about.

Now, this sounds simple doesn´t it? It is, still most
people get stuck at this stage because they feel
intimidated asking powerful, more experienced people for
advice and help.

This is a common problem that can stop you from speaking up
and unless you learn how to handle it you will miss out on
having mentors help you to move ahead quickly in your
career and in your life.

What is the solution to this problem? I recommend that you
study my free report on developing superior people skills.

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