Thursday, June 30, 2005

Great People Skills. What Makes the Difference?

On a warm spring afternoon, fifteen years ago, two young
men graduated from the same college. They were similar in
many ways...

Like all diligent, hard working students they had also
enjoyed time off to play sport and to have fun with their
friends. And they were both very excited about the bright
future that lay ahead.

Fifteen years later they met.

They were still alike in many ways. Both had a good family
life, a comfortable home and they both had a little gray
hair! But there was a difference.

One of the men is now a victim of his own success - he is
running as fast as he can and still he cannot keep up with
the mountain of work that lands on his desk each day.

All day long his staff and his superiors make demands of
him he cannot say no to and at home he is at the mercy of
the whims of his family. He feels taken for granted and

On the other hand. The second man is in charge of his own
business and works as many or as few hours as he pleases
each day. People look up to him, respect him and enjoy
spending time with him. At home, his opinions are valued
and his needs respected.

What made the difference?

Have you ever wondered how two seemingly successful people
can be so different in how they get to the top and in how
they stay at the top?

One person struggles day after day and claws his way to the
top of success mountain - while another strolls along in
his own good time enjoying the view as he goes.

The difference lies in how you relate to people. There is
an easy way and a hard way. The hard way means people take
you for granted, they do not really listen to you and all
too often they treat you as no more than a resource they
can use to get what they want.

On the other hand, the easy way means you feel respected
and deeply appreciated. When you talk people listen and
when you approach people they respond positively to your

Which do you prefer - the easy way or the hard way?

Knowledge is Power. Right now I enjoy harmonious
relationships with the people in my life because I decided
to leave the hard way in the past and to build a bright new
future based on the easy way.

Once I found an approach that worked all I did was follow
the step-by-step instructions and my world changed as
quickly as I changed. And this can happen for you even
faster than you think...

When you become a master of conversation you will wonder
why you waited so long to get your hands on the knowledge
that was waiting for you all along.

-- Three Essential Elements --

The easy way to superior people skills is made up of three
key elements and verbal communication skills make up only
one of those essential elements. And no I am not talking
about body language. I take it you already know how to
mirror and match posture.

With the system that has worked so well for me and for
scores of people around the world - you will discover these
three elements and how to quickly and easily master people
skills for the rest of your life.

If you have struggled before it is because you only paid
attention to communication skills. That is fine if you are
aiming for average. Now is the time to become exceptional.

Why not develop exceptional people skills? If you can
follow simple step-by-step instructions you can move ahead
very quickly.

Think about it for a moment...

Why do you want to get along better with other people? What
are the most important reasons why you want to improve this
aspect of your life? What have you missed out on by
neglecting this crucial skill?

The time to change is now - until you do another day,
another week and another month will slip by and you will be
no further forward in your life. If you are waiting for the
perfect time you will wait forever.

It is time to try a new and better way...

--- Test Drive the System ---

I can guarantee that if you are of at least average
intelligence you can quickly transform your ability to deal
with other people. Knowing what to say, starting and
keeping the conversation going and making a great
impression will never again be a mystery to you.

You can finally put worrying about what people think of you
in the past.

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Have Fun,

Peter Murphy


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