Monday, September 06, 2004

Communication Skills: People often ask me strange questions...

- Is it really possible to go from being shy or uneasy with
people to feeling talkative, confident and unafraid?

- What can I do today to become a better conversationalist?

- Could I one day know what to say to whoever I meet?

Let me tell you the good news...

The difference in your life when you go from having average
communication skills to excellent is fantastic. It is like
night and day.

Right now your typical day may be punctuated by awkward
moments with people you cannot connect with. You might even
actively avoid certain individuals because you never know
what to say.

And most of the time you worry about what others think of

The hardest part of all is editing what you say in a
constant effort to please everyone. One of your greatest
fears is that you will fail to win the approval of those
you talk to.

Night and day...

Once you master communication skills. (and this is easier
than you think)

It is as if the world changes in a heart beat. Because you
will have changed how you deal with others - they will
respond differently to you.

You will wonder how something that was once so difficult is
now so easy. And you will finally get it. You will know
that it was nothing personal all those years.

It is just a question of strategy.

Use a bad strategy and you get poor results. Use a great
strategy and you will enjoy great results.

You need to dump your old approach to dealing with people
and discover a great strategy.

What are the implications for you right now?

1. You can change how people respond to you by changing the
way you habitually interact with others.

2. The secret to acquiring great conversation skills is to
condition new ways of talking and behaving.

3. What you have been doing up to now is not working. This
is not your fault. You simply need to learn a more
effective approach.

4. Change can happen very quickly when you embrace a proven
formula that already works for others.

5. If you do not make the decision to change how you
interact with people - your relationships will not improve.

In five, ten or even twenty years time you will be as
frustrated and stuck as you are today.

You will still get stuck for words, worry about whether
people like you and dread a whole range of social

You will still be missing out on a lot of fun and others
will be missing out on your company.

The clock is ticking...

Now would be a great time to review the special report, How
to Start a Great Conversation with Anyone, that comes with
my book at

Then, use The Confidence Super Charger, lesson one in the
book to condition the changes.

Have Fun,

Peter Murphy
How to Communicate with Unstoppable
Confidence in 20 Days or Less

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