Monday, September 06, 2004

How To Get People To Help You

You can achieve great success in life if you know two

Firstly, who to turn to for advice and guidance. And
secondly how to get those individuals to help you.

If you can get people to help you you did not need much
money, brains or originality. All you need to do is ask and
receive in a way that is for the good of all concerned.

When people work together the resulting synergy can be
very powerful.

I recommend three ways to get people to help you.

1. Choose the best person to ask

If you need a billion dollars there is no point in asking
for my help because I don´t keep that kind of money in my

If you want relationship advice don´t ask someone whose
life is a series of failed relationhsips.

Only ask someone to help if that person has a successful
track record when it comes to the issue on your mind.

Ask for help from those who are able to help AND willing to

2. Give first

Do not approach someone out of the blue. And then ask that
individual to drop everything and devote the rest of the
day to solving your problems.

Make a point of doing something for that other person first
in the days and weeks before you ask for help. This is only
fair and allows the two of you to get to know each other.

You will find people much more open to helping you when
they already know and like you. And especially when you
have already done them a favor or two.

3. Be strong

The worst way to ask for help is to do so by looking for
pity. If you approach capable people, and moan and complain
they will have little patience for your whining.

You need to feel good about yourself and be strong. Treat
that other person as an equal even if he or she has more
ability than you in a particular area.

When you feel strong and communicate from strength you will
be able to effortlessly build rapport with the powerful
person listening attentively to your every word.

These three pointers will take you a long way when your
self-esteem is high. Feeling good about yourself allows you
to admit you need help and to ask for it with confidence.

Without high self-esteem you will put off approaching
people that would be delighted to help you. And your mole
hills may well turn into mountains.


Get out my book and review Lesson 12 - The
Self-Appreciation Enhancer, and your self-esteem will soar
like an eagle.

Have Fun,

Peter Murphy
How to Communicate with Unstoppable
Confidence in 20 Days or Less

P.S. Don´t be fooled by the simplicity in this article. When you act on
this highly specific advice you will discover for yourself how accurate
these tips really are.

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