Monday, September 20, 2004

People Skills... And The Success Secret You Cannot Afford To Neglect

What is the defining characteristic of all highly
successful people?

Is it hard work? Is it intelligence? Is it luck? Well, all
of these factors certainly play a part in ensuring your
success however there is one essential element.

It is the one crucial life skill that separates the workers
from the winners. What is it?

Superior people skills.

The ability to win friends and influence people will bring
you more success, more happiness and more fulfillment than
virtually any other skill you master.

Think about it.

For you to earn more you must meet and deal with new people
in a way that impresses others. You need the confidence and
the communication skills to make the most of opportunities.

And if you want a better social life you need to be able to
connect with people outside your present social circle.
Shyness and a reluctance to do new things will restrict the
choices you have.

Finally, if you want to make a personal breakthrough in
your quality of life you have to connect with those
individuals who can help you get ahead.

Unless you make a point of improving your people skills you
will be excluded from the people who can help you to get

Enduring success depends on who you know and your ability
to form lasting mutually beneficial relationships with
powerful people. As you step up to higher levels of success
it is critical you can deal with super successful people
without feeling shy, nervous or intimidated.

And that is why you must develop greater self-confidence
and superior people skills. Otherwise you will have created
your own glass ceiling. You will never go any higher than
your soft skills allow.

Make a point of improving your communications skills each
day and take your rightful place with the winners.

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