Friday, August 27, 2004

The Amazing Success Secret Anyone Can Start Using Today

The way we live today more and more emphasis seems to be placed
on career success, material gain and achievement. And in an
increasingly complex world sometimes it seems like technology and
rigid processes have become more important than the people they
were set up to serve.

However there is one success secret that costs nothing. And we can
all use it today to get ahead more quickly. I am talking about
cultivating exceptional people skills in a way that puts you
ahead of the crowd, in a way that respects and honors the people
you deal with in your life.

Ironically when we neglect people skills the complex business and
social infrastructure of our world can fall over in a moment. What
do I mean?

Have you ever walked into the store of a major nationwide retailer
and walked through the multimillion dollar premises only to find
nobody to serve you?

Have you ever phoned your bank and got a busy signal or even worse
got cut off despite their huge customer service focused
advertising campaigns.

How about in your workplace? Have you ever done a fantastic
job, stayed late to get it done and felt taken for granted? The
corporate slogan about caring for the welfare of the staff rings
hollow after this happens more than once.

On the other hand if you learn from the most successful
individuals and companies you will find one trait in common --
excellent people skills.

Here are three ways to become more successful by developing your
people skills:

1 Learn from people who manage to remain cheerful in the face of
massive challenges and stress.

A good friend of mine was on the verge of losing his business last
year but you would never have guessed it. He was always smiling
and confident things would get better. He somehow managed to still
treat his staff well even when he was worried about running out of

By listening to him and watching him cope with extreme financial
pressure I learned a lot. His belief that everything would work
out kept him smiling even while facing some very dark hours.

You too need to become better under pressure. Anyone can cope well
when things are going well. It is only when you shine under
pressure that you prove to yourself and the world that you are
destined for better things.

2 Exceptional people skills happen at the margin.

To go from average to good and from good to excellent is possible
in a short time when you make incremental improvements each day.

You do not need to change your personality or go on a two week
course. Simply focus on listening skills, on non verbal
communication and on building confidence.

Read some good books, get advice from experts and apply what you
learn. By making only very slight improvements where it matters
most you will quickly develop exceptional people skills.

The very best performers in sport and in business are only
marginally better than their closest competitors and these slight
margins make all the difference between winning and losing.

Aim to make marginal improvements in your ability to communicate
with confidence and your results will improve dramatically. Now
would be a great time to get started!

3 Say what you mean and mean what you say

Mark Twain famously commented that common sense is not that common
and today sincerity and honesty are far from common either.

You can stand out from the crowd by making a point of saying what
you mean instead of saying what you think people want to hear.
Insincerity is a game you can never win as you are always living
in fear of getting caught out.

If you follow through on what you say people will respect you for
your integrity and you will be known and appreciated as someone
who can be counted on.

Be unusual -- hold yourself to a high standard of integrity and
commit to saying what you mean and doing what you say you will.

When you live like this each day other people develop confidence
in you and in what you say. And success in the world gets a whole
lot easier with a team of people who believe in you paving the
road ahead.

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