Wednesday, August 11, 2004

How to Tune In Your Brain & Feel Confident with People in Moments

One day when I was in school, many years ago, the school
principal wandered into our class room, sat down and started
to talk.

He talked and talked; and there was nothing we could do to stop
him seeing as how he was in charge!

For once he actually said something that interested me and I
never forgot what he said. Not because he was so original but
because he was the first person I heard saying it.

That day he spoke about the untapped potential of the human
mind and how we are all capable of so much more than we

And how once you learn how to use more of this vast
intelligence you can become much more successful.

This distinction has a special significance when it comes to
confidence. Because on those days when you are not feeling
confident dealing with people the solution to your problems
may seem elusive. Even though you are capable of handling the
situations you find yourself in.

If you could approach each day with an attitude of demanding
more from yourself than anyone else ever would - you would be
shocked at what you can achieve. You would be using more of
your potential and making great progress.

Silly tasks you have to perform then become stepping stones to
something far grander and problems become opportunities for
you to grow and impress not only yourself but everyone else

The challenge for you right now comes down to getting started.

Once your engine is running the momentum will keep you going
but what do you do if you feel stuck and unable to begin?

You need to learn how to run your brain!

All of that vast potential is not being used because you do not
know how to activate it. When you discover how easy it is to
become confident with people you will be amazed that something
that once seemed so complicated can actually be so simple.

Here is something you can do right now to experience how your
mind works.

Think of something you feel confident doing - maybe something
you are good at. It does not matter what the activity is. What
does matter is that you feel confident when you are doing it.

Now pick a second experience. Something that involves dealing
with people. And make sure it is a situation where you have the
capability to handle it only your confidence is low.

Now compare how you represent these two experiences in your
mind in terms of pictures, sounds and feelings.

Take the second experience and change the way you
think about it by giving the picture, sound and feeling the
same qualities as the first experience. i.e. picture size
and color, sound volume and pitch, intensity of feelings.

Imagine you are tuning in the pictures, sounds and feelings
in the same way you would tune in a TV

This is difficult to do the first time you try it but it gets
easier with practice.

Why does this process work?

Because the way you represent experiences in your mind
determines how you feel. Its like when you watch a scary movie
and you heart is pounding even though you are not in danger.

Certain images, certain sounds and a certain atmosphere all
combine to change how you feel. However if you changed one key
element you would no longer feel scared.

For example if the sound changed to become a high pitched cartoon
like voice you might even smile and laugh.

In the context of feeling confident -- when you start to
discover how you make yourself feel confident by the way you tune
your brain you are on the right track to feeling confident
whenever you choose.

When you learn more about peak performance you will be able
to do this in a matter of minutes. And go from feeling afraid
to feeling energized and confident in moments.

This time spend learning how to run your brain will transform
the quality of your life even more quickly than you can

Enjoy rewiring your brain!

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