Tuesday, August 17, 2004

How to Deal with Discouragement and Develop Exceptional People Skills

Ever feel like giving up? Do you ever feel so discouraged that
even one more day of frustration will be too much to handle?

Everyone gets discouraged at times however there are a number of
key differences between people who keep on going and those who
give up:

1 Focus On Your Goal Not On Your Problems

One of my mentors is a highly successful property developer
and he loves solving problems. All day long he can take on one
problem after the next and just keep going.

How does he do this when most people would feel overwhelmed?

He understands the importance of focus. He never loses sight
of his goals and his goals so excite him that problems are
nothing more than stepping stones to the achievement of his

If you are feeling discouraged it is very likely because your
focus is on what has not worked; your setbacks and your fears.

Discipline your mind to focus on your goals and discouragement
will fade into the distance.

Expect to learn by trying new things and to find out what works
by making mistakes. Then keep adjusting your approach until you
get the results you want.

I went from being shy with people to developing confidence and
charm by trying new approaches day after day until I found what
worked for me.

It is only because I knew what my goal was that I was able to
deal with the frustrations and discouragement along the way.

2 Ask For Help

You do not have to deal with everything alone. Ask for help
from someone who is qualified to help you and act on their
good advice.

Two minds are better than one especially when your mind is
full of discouragement.

And, you will feel stronger knowing that someone else is
backing you, keen to see you succeed.

When you think about it.

The only thing stopping your from getting from where you are
to where you want to be is -- learning! Learning an effective

If you do not know the answer why waste time guessing when you
can open your mouth and ask?

For example, say there is a person in your community you just
cannot get along with. Find some people who have a good rapport
with that difficult person and get their input.

You may have got the wrong end of the stick for some reason and
as a result you cannot get anywhere with that person. Whereas
with the right outlook you may have no problem getting rapport.

You may never know what to do unless you ask!

3 Learn How Your Mind Works

Once you take charge of your thoughts and your emotions you
will be able to deal with whatever challenges come your way.
Until that happens you will always be at the mercy of the ups and
downs of life.

The most valuable gift you can give yourself is the ability to
master your emotional state.

The moment I finally understood how to do this was the day my
life changed forever. I discovered how to effectively deal with
any challenge without becoming overwhelmed.

Until you learn how to run your brain it really is like having
a super computer without a user manual. The power to persist when
you get frustrated will never be available to you until you
commit to learning how to manage your thoughts and feelings.

Feelings of frustration, discouragement and overwhelm are not
random occurrences. It all comes down to how you use your

Take control of your emotional state and life becomes a lot

And when you are in a great emotional state it is hard to lack
confidence, it is hard to feel nervous meeting new people and it
becomes very easy to enjoy expressing your opinions.

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